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New License and upgrade




  • Official comment
    Robert R.

    Hi all;

    I just wanted to pop in here and point out that with a single-user license you can install it on up to two machines but as Rick Stone stated, you're  not supposed to run them at the same time. If you want to use Snagit simultaneously on two computers, you will need to have two licenses in order to stay in compliance. This can be found in Section 1.2 of our EULA, which you can find here.

    Emphasis mine

    Section 1.2 "General and Cross-Platform Use":

    Except as otherwise provided in the EULA and so long as you comply with the terms and conditions of this EULA as a condition to the license granted herein, you are licensed to install and run one copy of the Software on one licensed device (the first licensed device) for use by one person at a time. Provided that you comply with all the terms and conditions of this EULA and when required by the Software, you present a valid, authorized, and activated Software key, you may also install and run a second copy of the Software on a second licensed device for use only by you for your internal business or individual use only, whichever is applicable. Only one person at a time may use the Software on each licensed device and the two licensed devices may not be used simultaneously by that one person. You are licensed to install and use both the Snagit for Windows and Snagit for Mac versions of the Software, provided, that you are only licensed to use one version of the Software on one platform and in one language at a time (not simultaneously). The components of the Software are licensed as a single unit, and you may not separate or virtualize the components and install them on different devices. By way of clarity, if this license has been entered into by an entity or organization, the copies of the Software licensed hereunder may only be used for the internal business purposes of the licensee entity or organization.


    Hopefully that helps clear things up a bit. 


  • Rick Stone

    Your SnagIt license allows you to install it on two computers. You just aren't supposed to use both at the same time. But that seems difficult since you are but one person. ;)

  • Brian


    The license doesn't say that you can't or shouldn't use both at the same time.  It says "You can install your license on up to two computers for a single user. For example, you can install on a desktop and a laptop or at home and at work."

    I have it installed on four computers and often use them at the same time -- I have two licenses and consider myself compliant.

  • Brian

    Robert R,

    Thanks for your update.  Are you saying that if I have one license and I have SnagIt installed on two PCs, and they both start SnagIt at Windows startup, that I am in violation of the EULA?  At any point in time, I am only using SnagIt on one PC.

    If that is a violation, am I expected to disable SnagIt on one PC if both are powered on?

    Thanks . . . . Brian

  • Lisamzem

    Thank you Robert! Whew! Most always I run my Mac, which has SnagIt. Lately I've been using a PC, simply because this client prefers it, however it doesn't have SnagIt. It sucks & I've been going crazy. Suddenly today I thought, "Hmm. did I once read I can run that on two devices?' So happy I checked. 

    Brian: I think your question is a bit esoteric & you've thought far too deeply about the question. If I may, I believe you're fine to power-on both devices as long as you're working on only one. I'm guessing your fun at dinner parties, though. ;)


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