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Can I capture Snagit using Snagit?




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    Daniel Foster (Snagit strategy manager, TechSmith)

    Sure can! We do it all the time around here.  :) 

    Adjust the Hide Snagit when capturing setting and you can capture Snagit Editor and Snagit Capture window when not in the middle of a capture. For certain things like capturing an open context menu, toggle on the 5-second delay in the Snagit Capture window. 

    To capture the process of capturing with Snagit, I use another app like Camtasia or TechSmith Capture. 

  • Fred W. Grover

    Hello j7707.

      Yes as Daniel stated. Great points he made. I figured I would use SnagIt to show you the settings. That is what makes this software so great in my opinion. You will find the Capture Preferences in the SnagIt Recorder and not the Editor. The image below will show you the tab and what box to make sure there is no check mark in that box. Hope this also helps and thanks Daniel for chiming in. Thanks j7707 for posting a great question and have a great day/night.

    Fred G.


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