Snagit 2021 is here!

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  • Official comment
    Robert R.

    Hi all! 

    I also wanted to post a great graphic that compares the various versions so, without further ado:



  • Peter-SoftwareCasa

    Congrats! Great going, looking forward to dive into the new features :)

  • Anchor

    I'm glad to see the additional features, and especially excited to see the new Offset Magnification tool. I'm already finding it infinitely more useful :) Nice work!

  • andrewhlr

    I'm liking 2021 so far! 

    Feature Request: The ability to set the default Canvas Color when creating a new image from the clipboard. It seems to mostly default to black and I would much prefer transparent.

  • miciudadweb

    The feature related to template layout customization and multi-page template creation is going to speed up the workflow so those features are going to be great !!
    I would love to see examples of how we had to do it before and how we can do it now.

    Thank you.

  • miciudadweb


    I was wondering if we can add to 2 options for sharing: Whatsapp and Telegram Otherwise, if you are planning to add them, could you tell if it will be available in x number of months?

    Thank you

  • miciudadweb


    I am a foreigner, this is my second language. Now I have installed in the browser Grammarly so when I write, I can correct my writing errors :)

    I was wondering if we can implement an English gramma corrector in Snagit.

    I do understand that is too much work so a possible solution would be to allow a third-party software you choose, for example, Grammarly (that has the libraries with all the corrections) to interact with or to see the text we write inside Snagit.

    By the way, I have corrected this text using Grammarly 4 or 5 times, and I only wrote a few lines  :)

    Thank you.


  • JohnSnagIt

    Did you fix the bug with All-In-One Scrolling capture in Chrome?


  • Alec R

    Hi JohnSnagIt,

    The Scrolling Capture should have been made compatible with Chrome's latest version with the latest release of Snagit 2021. If it is still presenting an issue, I could create a ticket for you in order to try to troubleshoot if you are up to date.



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