inserting page breaks



  • Dave Foord

    I agree, this would be helpful.

    In Snag-It's editor you're editing an image file--not a document. (Even though the template looks like a page.)

    I think the solution will be to insert the image file in your word processing program and crop the image. Then insert the image again in page 2 and crop it to where you left off.


  • ivorgreen1

    Thanks for your reply.  The problem with that method is slow and messy and significantly defeats the convenience of using snagit.  I tend to save captured images as PDFs so in that case snagit breaks up the documents at random points and even trims off part of the document near the bottom and top margins.

  • peters

    this is one of the most frustrating issues with Snagit.  Ivorgreen has described it perfectly.  One thing to add is that the snagit print preview appears to show handles begging to be dragged up to move the break point. it would be very useful to have this feature!  Without it the panoramic scrolling capture is of limited use.  

  • ricky4001

    Yes PLEASE add page breaks, I've just create a tutorial and half the images are broken over pages in my saved PDF, hardly any good when the client prints it out.

  • John Panizza

    Yes, please add this feature.  I agree with everyone here.  I'm dealing with this dilemma now.

  • mysheila1

    Yes!  Please!  I have been checking back for this feature for years; praying they've added the ability.  But nothing yet.  

    Ivorgreen1:  My go to fix for this, which only works to print out the capture, is to:

    1. Adjust the capture & margins to at least look right for the first 2 pages (or just the first page if it's giving you fits)
    2. Drag the bottom canvas selector all the way up to the end of your current print area
    3. Print out those 1 or 2 pages
    4. "Undo" (to add the cut part of the capture back in)
    5. Drag the top canvas selector all the way down to the point where you stopped printing
    6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you've printed out the entire capture/document; adjusting margins/white space as needed

    If you wanted to save as a pdf you can use the above steps to get pages how you want them; then save the individual sections as "Page 1", "Page 2", etc.  The use Adobe to merge the pages into one document.

    The possibilities are endless and doable; it's just a LOT of extra work and time to it.  It would just be so much easier if Snagit would add some kind of feature to be able to insert page breaks or insert white space.  I mean if we're able to "cut out"  why can't we "add in"?  Seems like a doable thing, right?  


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