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Snagit 2021 Display Issue




  • Official comment

    Thank-you for reporting this issue.  We were able to reproduce an issue similar to or possibly the same as the one you are describing, shortly after we released Snagit 2021.  The 21.0.1 update that was released last week addresses this issue.

  • GingerBread

    Recent Capture tray thumbnails display differently in SnagIt 2021 than previous versions.

    I'm not sure what you're seeing?

    I don't have a problem with the undo button flashing.

    You can leave 2021 installed and open a ticket with tech support. Install SnagIt 2020 and use it until 2021 works to your satisfaction.

    Hope this helps.


  • Janice Cramer

    I am having the same issues as Craigb- I am going to go back to Snagit 2020

  • craigb_123

    Thank you.  I am running the demo version now.  It looks and behaves normal at the moment.  I will continue to use this week.  Also, when I use my software key to unlock, I receive an error.

  • Michael Barnett

    Hi, this is Michael, I am Snagit 2021 subscriber too and all of a sudden today the SnagIt editor isn't displaying and the bottom tray is missing. I can no longer use SnagIt anymore and I am so upset as I use it all the time and has disrupted my work. I cant even get hold of support and I am a maintenance subscriber too.

    I have a Windows 10 PC and have uninstalled the program and reinstalled the software and the same issue. I take a capture and takes ages to lad BTW and then slowly opens up to the SnagIt editor displaying no top menus to edit and doesn't display the bottom tray at all. It's a waste of money and I have spent All morning trying to fix Snagit 2021 to no avail. I cant even remove the the icon in screen. I need to go to task manager to End Task so Snagit end the process. There is a bug and I am not sure what else to do! My business uses Snagit all the time. 

    I have updated the PC BIOS and graphics driver and it didn't make a difference. 

    Please can someone help me?



    Snagit 2021 subscriber.


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