Unable to Install Audio Driver




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    Carson Greene

    Hi Mitch,

    I would check to see if you're running the latest Snagit (2020.2.2 or 2021.0.2, both released yesterday). Go to the Snagit menu and hit "Check for Updates..." After the update, you should be able to install the System Audio component.

    If that doesn't work, I would get in touch with support using the "Contact Us" button at the bottom right.

    Hope all that helps!

  • Carson Greene

    Hi Joey,

    As Big Sur is still in beta, we do not officially offer full support for it yet. Specifically, the vendor that provides our system audio component is still actively working on adding support for that version of macOS. Hopefully, it should be ready by the time Big Sur is publicly released! For now, if you need to record system audio, you should use macOS Catalina if you can. Stay tuned!

  • Mitch Graves

    Well, Big Sur is officially released (not in beta) and the problem still exists.

  • Mitch Graves

    I was able to fix the issue.

    1. Upgraded to 2021.0.2

    In Snagit Preferences -> Capture Permissions it now said I had a permissions issue.

    2. Uninstalled System Audio Component and Reinstalled.  Restart required.

    3. Rebooted

    Snagit permissions for system audio now Enabled.


  • Carson Greene

    Awesome, great to hear it! Enjoy Snagit on Big Sur :)

  • drfarrell

    I ensured that BigSur is the latest iteration, made sure Snagit 2021 was installed properly and I still get a notice that the "audio driver" is not enabled. I went into Preferences, Privacy and it is checked as being permitted, but no sound when I record screen video.

    Sounds like an audio driver to me.


  • Luke Griffioen

    Hi drfarrell,

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio component? Or are you using an M1 Mac?



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