Why does my uploaded mp4 have static but original does not?



  • Robert R.

    Hi Henri!

    I think this might be a question best asked of our Tech Support team; would you like me to open a support ticket for you so we can look into this?



    Hi Robert,

    Yes, I would like you to open a support ticket.

    Here is some more detail:

    My account is a 30 day "Trial" accountand my wife's account is an education account with Quinnipiac University .The mp4's 

    Originally, we exported a test PowerPoint with audio to an mp4 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

    Next we uploaded the mp4 to the Quinnipiac Knowmia account.

    The uploaded mp4 has a lot of background static yet the exported mp4 (before uploading) does not.

    Since the above we also uploaded the same mp4 to the "Trial" account and there is no static.

    Additional issue:

    We have now created a final mp4 and attempted to upload to the Quinnipiac Knowmia account but about halfway through the upload stopped saying "An error was encountered".

    Next we attempted uploading the same mp4 to the trial account. This did upload and looks nice.

    We have to have our final product in today (by midnight) for a Zoom class.

    Thanks in advance for your help.




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