How to automatically save screen captures in .png format - MAC OS



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  • Carson Greene

    Hi Craig,

    This is definitely possible! First, you'll want to change some capture settings.

    From the "S" menu in the menubar, make these changes:

    1. Switch to the "Image" tab

    2. Change the Share destination to File (if these options aren't visible, you may need to click the arrow on the left of the window)

    3. If you know you won't want to make changes in the editor after capturing, you can turn "Preview in Editor" off for a faster capture experience

    As for where it gets saved, you can click the gear next to "File" and you'll see this window, where you can change what happens every time you take a screenshot:

    I have it set here to the fastest settings, where it'll just spit it out to my Desktop with a date format for the file name, but play around with it and see what you like! If you want, you can use the plus button in the lower left to make multiple file outputs that all have different settings and names.

    One last thing: if you find yourself wanting to quickly shift between this and other settings, you can consider making this a preset by hitting the plus button next to "Presets" in the "S" menu and selecting "New Preset from Current Settings", so you can quickly switch out this configuration for another one, or even assign its own key combination for fast access.

    Hope that helps!


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