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A question from someone who just upgraded from Snagit 8 to Snagit 2021




  • GingerBread

     Catalog Browser was dumped after SnagIt 8.

    SnagIt 9 developed a Folders view that accessed Windows explorer files in the editor which they called the Library.

    They dumped that feature in SnagIt 11.

    Leaving you with access to unsaved captures stored in the library. Provided you have SnagIt set to save unsaved captures to the library.

    So yeah, you're not missing anything.




  • jisner

    @... Thank you!  I'm sure I can live without it.  The main advantage of the Catalog Browser was that it showed thumbnails of .snag files.  With the new Snagit, I can see thumbnails in Explorer.  Explorer is actually a better interface to a catalog than Catalog Browser.  For example, you can search in Explorer. 

    I will continue to keep my .snag files organized in the existing catalog structure. It seems odd that the Snagit 2021 Editor doesn't have the concept of a specific place where you keep .snag files.  If I do File>Open or click the Open icon on the Editor toolbar, it opens the last folder I visited, which I suppose is good enough, but it would be nice to add a Quick Access / Favorites style entry called "Catalog" which would take me directly to the root folder of my catalog.  Dropping the software is one thing.  Dropping the concept of a catalog is something entirely different.

    As I understand it, the Library is a holding place for unsaved captures.  It is obviously useful for making composites of multiple screenshots, which required a bit of juggling with Snagit 8.  But other than that, it seems like a fairly useless concept.  I would like to see them build in the concept of a customizable standard place for saved captures (the catalog concept).  I never save jpegs or pngs.  If I'm adding a figure to an article, I copy and paste from the editor into the article.  The only files that I EVER save from snagit are .snag files.


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