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Compatibility with new MacBooks with Apple Silicon M1 for Camtasia




  • Official comment
    Rory Hool

    Hi Camtasia users,

    Thank you for you patience. As of today Camtasia 2021.0.1 and Camtasia 2020.0.19 have been released and natively support both Intel and M1. Enjoy all of the performance improvements, and let us know if you run into any issues.

    More info can be found here:

    Thanks again,

  • HenningGustavsen

    I wish TechSmith would be in front of developing supported versions for once. Apple´s Dev kit with the 12Z processor was available well in advance of the M series SoC. This isn´t the first time I experience this kind of trouble. When I upgraded my Mac OS from Catalina to BigSur the ability to record system audio was no longer supported and crashed. 

    New software features are always nice to have! However the most important thing TechSmith can do to survive in the future is keeping up to date with the development of new hardware and software. You need to put aside the necessary resources to test out beta versions of the new OS and hardware and to make necessary adjustments to the software so that it will be working when the full version is released. 


  • Alec R

    Hi ur53vd9raa,

    TechSmith Snagit does not natively support Apple silicon at this time. Currently Snagit will work via Rosetta for image captures and editing, but video capture is still being worked on. A fully native solution may require months of work. We will provide periodic updates as deemed appropriate.


  • bobgray

    Just to be certain that I reading this correctly. I currently have 2019 Camtasia, if I purchase the new Mac laptop with M1 chip...Camtasia won't work? 


    Thank you.

  • james_sandford

    Hi Camtasia guys!

    Any update on this??? - I have to upgrade to a new machine (which will be Apple Silicon) and does that mean I have to stop editing my videos with Camtasia?!!?



  • Robert R.

    Hi all and thanks for your patience;

    Unfortunately there is no update at this time; we're still hoping to have M1 support some time in early 2021. We'll update the thread once we have more information.


  • allan

    If I believe TechSmith support then Camtasia now works with Apple Silicon Macs like mine:

    But I'm still getting a complete crash when I try and record the screen (MacBook Air M1, 11.0.1, Camtasia 2.10.8) so what is going on?

    - could it be the devices I've got hanging off the USB port and hub?

    I've started looking at alternatives but I'd rather not waste time selecting a new one and really don't want the learnng curve of change.

  • Robert R.

    Hi Allan;

    Sorry to hear the issue that you're running into. As seen in the support article, "Apple Silicon, Rosetta, and the M1 Chip. TechSmith Camtasia does not natively support Apple Silicon, but will work via Rosetta on Macs with the M1 Chip as of Camtasia 2020.0.13 and later. In order to record System Audio on an M1 chip, please reach out to us for instructions on how to do so. "

    Given the age of Camtasia 2, it will not be compatible with Mac OS 11 (for more information on OS compatibility, please see here )- Note, too, that as development of Camtasia 2 on Mac ended in November of 2016, there are no plans to update Camtasia 2 to make it compatible with the Apple Silicon platform. You are welcome to install Camtasia 2.10.8 on a Mac running a compatible operating system / compatible hardware and continue using it as expected, however in order to run Camtasia on an M1-based Mac running OS 11 Big Sur then you would need to look into upgrading (see here).

    Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.


  • Jeffrey Tarnoff

    Could you please explain why there is such a delay to have a native version of SnagIt? Plenty of advance notice was provided by Apple, and many other software vendors had universal apps available on day 1.

  • Bharath Ramanathan

    when is the camtasia suppport for Macbook M1 really coming ? 

  • Technical Training Team

    Why haven't you just ported it from source or hired someone to do it already. This software and the company is resting on their laurels.

  • juergen

    I cannot speak for Techsmith about the lack of “native M1” chip support, but as a former developer, here is my guess: 

    1. Supporting Apple Silicon natively would mean “splitting the code base” for each product like Camtasia. This means having to maintain an additional separate version of the software going forward.
    2. It will thus cost more money, for development, testing and release of each version.

    So far I have not heard Techsmith officials confirm they are ever planning “native support” for the M1 chip. (I would welcome a comment from Techsmith on this)

    This of course would be needed to take full advantage of the speed of this architecture. Currently tasks like exporting videos are painfully slower than on comparative Intel chips: I have both an M1 Mac Mini, which I thought would be faster, and a maxed out a Intel MacBook Pro: the Intel based MacBook Pro has way faster render times than the M1 Mac Mini. For the same file, rendering with Camtasia on an M1 chip is unbearably slow, which people have been commenting on elsewhere on this forum.

    So this is a huge disappointment for me, because I got the M1 system precisely because I thought it would save time in rendering video - but for Camtasia that will be true only if Techsmith one day decide to release an M1 native version. 

    So I would love to hear more precise details and confirmation from Techsmith about their “M1 support”. Will it continue to be through Rosetta II, which merely translates existing code so it is compatible with M1, or will there be a native M1 version?

  • kai


    I do have a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. And am desperately trying to get system audio fixed. Did everything which was proposed here

    However - there is no sign of it working. I am getting a bit frustrated as I bought a product which clearly does not work was it meant or as it done in the past. Is there an alternative to Camtasia (which I bought on the App-Store) or a fix which really works?


  • Robert R.

    Hi kai

    If the steps in that article did not work for you, then the next step would be to get you in touch with our Technical Support team. Would you like me to open a ticket for you?


  • momalle3

    Camtasia 2021 does not work on M1 imac. I just bought it and discovered this. I would like a refund

  • Rory Hool

    momalle3 what issue are you experiencing on your M1 iMac?

  • momalle3

    It will not load the accessibility extension: we can't give it permission. There is no update link to update to the newest version.


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