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Server Busy message at system startup




  • GingerBread

    I have SnagIt 8 installed and never receive that message. I'm running SnagIt 2021.0.0. I haven't updated to the most recent version because it isn't broken.

    I have a couple of suggestions to try. If your signed into your TechSmith account through the program. { Sign Out }.

    If you're sharing user information with TechSmith. Stop sending it.


    Both of these services require a internet/server connection.

    I suspect one of them may be causing the error.

    I'd like to hear back if you resolve this.


  • jisner

    @... Thank you.  I have made the changes you suggested.  I'll shut down later tonight and let you know what happens at startup tomorrow.

  • jisner

    @...    When I started Windows today I did not get the Server Busy error, so your fixes worked.  Thanks!


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