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  • Official comment
    Daniel Foster (Snagit strategy manager, TechSmith)

    Hi Deepak - I would point you to this tutorial on Panoramic Capture in Snagit

  • GingerBread

    Watch this video.................. 


    Enjoy the day.


  • GingerBread


    I'll admit I posted a video that doesn't cover the scrolling window feature or how to use as toreachdeepak1 requested. I was thinking about a typical scrolling window capture. My bad :(

    The Official comment posted skirted the subject also.

    I thought I would give sorting the matter out a whirl. See what I could discover. I've never used the tab/feature myself.

    I ran into a Pop Up error attempting to scroll this web page right off the bat. 

    When I could get it to work it didn't scroll the webpage. 

    I clicked the link in the popup { Troubleshoot scrolling captures } and it led me to a support article.

    It tells you the solution is to use Panoramic capture with SnagIt 13 and later versions. 


    My questions are this.................

    A. Why does a feature that is so defective dating back to version 13 still exist? 


    B.   @Daniel Foster 1. why didn't you just say its defective, don't use it/ignore it?

    2.Try Panoramic capture.

    3. Use {  Region Capture }. Look for the arrows that appear on the monitor to perform a scrolling capture.


    You'll have to excuse my frustration. I expect a more comprehensive explanation coming from the top of the food chain.

    I may have missed something, after all. I'm just a consumer.


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