Camtasia Won't record on Mac Big Sur



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    Robert R.

    Hi All;

    I wanted to hop in here to give an update; for Camtasia 2019 and Camtasia 2020, you can find the steps to install / update the System Audio Component that will allow you to record audio in this support article. Note that restarting the Mac will be required (it's a step that many users seem to forgo and the issue persists until they restart the system, so please be sure to complete that step elsewise the issue will not be addressed). 

    Note that Older versions (Camtasia 2018 and earlier) are not currently planned to be supported on the newer OS. You can see a list of compatible operating systems here.



  • Kamil Pyrkosz

    Same here. Camtasia 2019.0.9  on Mac 11.0.1 dont work. I cant record system audio.

  • sven

    Hi Kamil, did you find a solution for recording system audio on the new MacOS? I am Using Camtasia 2020 and had to buy it new because my old version didn't work in Catalina. Now I updated to BigSur and apparently it again doesn't work anymore.

    Any updates planned? Is there any way to contact TechSmith directly? In the past their support was horrible so I am not sure...

  • jtl

    Similar here -- Version 2.10.8 (91893) on macOS Big Sur Version 11.01.

    I say similar because I am experiencing the following:

      1) The recording dialog no longer allows me to detect system audio. Instead, it shows a message 'Need System Audio' and a '?'. If I click on the question mark, it walks me through the installation of TechSmith's Audio Capture Component. Still, while the install appears to work, when I go back to the record dialog, the ability to select System Audio is not enabled.

    2) Also, the "Record" button is missing (normally, it would appear toward the right.  Interestingly, if I click in the general area where the button used to be, it will allow me to record.

    So, now I can record, but without the System Audio.

    If anyone finds any workarounds that restore functionality (especially the ability to record System Audio), I hope you'll share.

  • Sire

    Hey, jimlilkendey I'm also getting the 'Need System Audio' question mark.

    Thanks for bringing up the invisible button. I just tested it and I recorded a snippet with audio. Damn annoying though!

  • sven

    Hi guys, thanks Robert,

    I can now confirm that after uninstalling and installing and so on and so forth the ass on works and I can again record sys audio. 






  • ssfels

    I'm having the same issue as Sire at the top. I click on Start Recording and the camera feed in the Recorder blinks off and then back on after a couple of seconds and nothing is recording. It is like it tries to start and then immediately stops.

    I "upgraded" to Big Sur 11.0.1 and running Camtasia 2.10.8 on my MacBook air.

    I've tried rebooting as well.

    Any idea why Camtasia can't record?




    Update - I just bit the bullet and upgraded to Camtasia 2020.0.2 and everything is working again as expected. 



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