Has the Camtasia performance improved with the new M1 Chips?



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    Rory Hool

    This morning we released Camtasia for Mac 2020.0.14 which provides further improvements for performance on M1 devices.

    I'm closing this as a duplicate of https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360074643631-Camtasia-Support-for-New-Apple-Macbook-pro-M1- where further updates will be provided.

    Thank you for the feedback.

  • Donald Currie

    I got my M1 Macbook Air on Friday and have tried out Camtasia this weekend. It's been super smooth and snappy so far.

    No crashes or noticeable slowdowns. I am impressed because Adobe Premiere is a mess right now. Good stuff, TechSmith!

    That said, I would be interested to hear if they are making a native version.

  • KevinPurcell

    Performance while using is fine. But exporting is very slow. Looking forward to an update too.

  • Donald Currie

    I have an update after using Camtasia 2020 on my M1 Macbook Air for a full week.


    It still performs amazingly well when editing, but tends to crash after working sessions of about an hour. Luckily the autosave function works well enough that I haven't needed to flip any tables yet. :D


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