Camtasia with GoPro Hero 9 USB Driver



  • Chad M

    I am experiencing the same with my GoPro 8 and the same Webcam software.  I leverage the GoPro 8 all day long for Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx, and GoToMeetings.  I can utilize it for recording video outside Camtasia, but no luck in this tool.  It would be so nice to not be limited to my far lower quality integrated Webcam when trying to leverage the high-end tool that is Camtasia.

  • Bassdude007

    Hi, I have the same exact issue as you both speak of. I'm using a Hero 8 and Camtasia 2020. The same frozen count, then that same error message....    Has anyone come up with a solution? That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • edrick.smith

    No unfortunately still stuck guess I should try to open a tech support ticket


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