Big Sur System Audio



  • j.fenton

    Hi Rarm! So sorry you're having trouble with this--unfortunately we haven't yet updated Capture with Big Sur support (though that is coming soon!).

    However, there may be a work around: Go to this support page and follow the directions for Option 3 at the bottom--the directions look like this:

    That should get your system audio working on Capture.

    For others that are having this issue, you should be able to do the same thing, though we are hoping to get Big Sur support into Capture very soon.

  • burk1

    for some reason the link in #7 does not work, at least for my MacBook, it doesn't.  I was just about to delete the folder, but would rather be able to go to the driver link, making sure it works, before deleting anything.

  • burk1

    I followed option 3 and I don't see anything that says I need to authorize the codec.  This is really frustrating, since this post is over 3 months old, and there is still no update.  


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