Camtasia Solution? Nope: Extend trials and Early Releases



  • Jacob Pechtel

    Hi Roy - 

    Appreciate the honest feedback here. The trial period should be 7 days and not 5. If you didn't get your full trial period, I'm happy to extend that for you if you want to shoot me an email (j.pechtel(at) 

    We are resetting trial periods when new value is released to the product. For instance, when the effects were added before the holiday, all trials were reset so you could come back and see if the new value is hitting the mark for you. It could be better, no doubt, and I'm sure we'll improve that experience over time. 

    We are currently working on the Camtasia + Audiate workflow. Simple sharing to start but our end goal is to establish a relationship between the video and audio so that we're saving users time through the overall editing process. 

    Product Strategy - Audiate & Camtasia

  • roy.simpson

    Any updates on this integration?


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