Is this in Beta?



  • Jacob Pechtel

    Hey JP - 

    The app is not in beta, but is on a continuous release cycle, so as we finish new value, it ships. With that in mind, it'll never really be "done"

    Tell me about what would make the app ready for you? What are you hoping to solve / see? 

    Product Strategy - Audiate & Camtasia

  • scttash

    I would like to eliminate the need entirely of using a DAW to do my CBTs. I work in both Captivate and Camtasia.  I'd like to see Audiate and Camtasia more closely integrated with one another. I would like to be able to go round trips from Camtasia into Audiate and back to make minor adjustments. I just tried to use Audiate with Captivate. The problem I ran into was that I can not export audio one slide at a time.  I have to export the entire file.  This means I still have to go to a DAW in order to segment the audio into slide segments. It would be cool to be able to designate slide changes on the main Audiate screen and then export the whole file and have it segment into individual files for each slide.  That would save me a lot of time and make the exorbitant cost of Audiate, worth it. As it is, it's a bit hard to justify the cost to my client for basically a one-trick pony.

  • timmylewis15

    It is cool to have the option to assign slide changes on the primary Audiate screen at vlone and afterward send out the entire record and have it portion into singular documents for each slide.


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