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Embedding Knowmia videos in Canvas LMS page with grade reporting




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    Robert R.

    Hi Debbie and thanks for stopping by the TechSmith Community Forums!

    Ultimately it's possible to embed videos in the method you're looking for, however there is a caveat if you want Gradebook integration. In order to have Gradebook integration you will need to use the External Tool LTI workflow that's in the article you linked (it's the first option listed). Note that the article also refers to the Rich Text Editor (RTE) which you will not want to be utilizing as it will not connect to Gradebook.

    If you'd like, I'm happy to open a support ticket for you to get you in touch with a Knowmia agent.


  • Debbie Yuster

    Thanks Robert, this is helpful but I have further questions, if you could open a support ticket that would be great.

  • Robert R.

    Hi Debbie!

    Not a problem! I'll get one started immediately. You should receive an email shortly.

    Thank you!



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