Rendering a file takes forever?? what is going on?


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  • Paul Middlin

    No, that's not normal. At least, for commonly sized content and an average quality export. If you recorded 8k content and cranked it to maximum export quality, then this could happen. However, if you're trying to export a commonly sized desktop to 1080p and left the (pretty good) defaults for export quality, it usually does not take any more than minute-per-minute (and usually less). Especially on a machine that you describe.

    A few common causes (other than listed above) could be if something else is running and taking up a lot of processor or hard drive bandwidth. A reboot is not a bad idea, just in case.

    If it's not clear what's causing this, you might want to open a Support case with us so we can check for other, stranger causes. You're right to be suspicious of it taking that long!


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