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Snagit closes "automatically" using USB install




  • Official comment
    Robert R.

    Hi Folks;

    Unfortunately the issue is to be expected as Snagit is not supported (nor capable) of being properly installed on a thumb/external drive and to work properly. In order to use Snagit you will have to install it on the local machine and not in an external location. Note, too, that there are no current plans to develop a portable version of Snagit.


  • Sarah

    I am having the exact same issue.

    Trying to run from USB for the same reason - work computer and need admin rights to download. 

    H E L P

  • misi012004

    Thanks Sarah for confirming "my" problem.

    So Techsmith support. Now you have TWO people with a problem that is absolutely trivial to reproduce. 

    How about testing it, confirming whether it's a problem or not, and at least having the courtesy of saying something like "Yes, this is a problem and we'll add it to our backlog and fix it when we can"

    or "Sorry, we couldn't reproduce it"


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