Sharing Analytics and Speech-to-Text Data



  • Elizabeth Greene

    How or why the second half of my audio decided to play back at a faster rate is not anywhere on tutorials, help, chat, other youtube people tutorials... and it is frustrating as hell that I am holding up someone else on a project because I am trying to use your product, and nobody knows how to address the question or provide the answer. Yes, I filled out a ticket...but that isn't helping me get my work done. 

  • Delroi

    I don't know if the latest version is relevant or not but still there are many things to be improved in your product like what's the use of the waveform editor if it doesn't even have any functionalities. I'd hope that it may have an option there to increase or decrease the clip speed so as not to use the audio effects in Camtasia: Clip Speed and trimming again the audio which is a hassle when you can edit them on Audiate.


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