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Issues with Capture while still running Windows 7 Ultimate. and a few other issues/requests.



  • Doug Troxell

    Support for Windows 7 is being discontinued. Upon expiration of the grace period it will cease to function. If you are unable to run Windows 10, I'd recommend you seek an alternative solution. 

  • Stephen Saxton

    Unless you are "forcing" an update to Capture, why would "it cease to function"? Are you changing the format where these files are being stored now?  Doing a mass update to all the files that are currently being stored to align with this new format?

    When Jing was replaced with Capture, you removed the ability to save the picture/video locally.  Yeah, I know, not something that had a high priority to TechSmith. It was "free", like Jing, and everybody knows that free software is on the bottom of the list to get any enhancements; just do the minimal to give them something to replace what was going away.

    Yes, there is talk about adding this back, but at this time, I don't see a timeline when this "feature" will be available anytime soon.

    I'm a little put out by your "terse" response, like "hey, Windows 7 is dead, get over it".  Well, according to Microsoft, my Windows 7 is not dead, I'm still getting security support until Jan 2023.  Here is the quote from Microsoft "Users of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise to can extend their Windows 7 security updates through January 2023."

    I don't expect anything to come of my "rant", I'm just tired of anybody who thinks that "(us) programmers/managers know exactly what the user wants/needs", before asking the users.

    Techsmith removes a product that works on 37% of the window operating system, (yeah, I looked it up, 37% Windows 7, 39% Windows 10, as of Oct 2020); and if you block the internet access to Jing, it still works (as long as you didn't update to Capture).  It only allows saving to the local drive, but who really needs cloud space for those captures and videos that you really need.

    Stephen Saxton
    Senior Magic Software Engineer/IT Help Desk
    Retired USAF


  • Doug Troxell


    Sorry for the terse reply. Ongoing support (bug fixes, enhancements, testing) of Capture on Windows 7/8 are a significant drain on engineering resources for a rapidly declining market segment. Further, support for legacy versions of Windows has prevented our engineers from utilizing modern APIs and increased our workload. Therefore, we decided to discontinue support for these legacy operating systems and focus our time and energy solely on versions of Windows 10. We utilize usage data to inform our decisions and we did not make this decision lightly. 

    The "Unsupported Operating System" message is telling you the application you have is going to cease functioning on your current configuration. Why would we do that? Because we will soon make breaking changes to our web services that will never be implemented in legacy versions of Capture on Win 7/8. We are notifying you so you have ample time to either upgrade your computer or find a suitable alternative.  Due to liability concerns, we'd rather you found an alternative than leave an unsupported version of the application in the field with no further bug fixes or security updates ever going to happen.

    The dev team felt the "Unsupported Operating System" message was a transparent way to communicate the end-of-life status of the application on Win 7/8. I know those unable to upgrade to Win 10 will be disappointed. 


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