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  • Doug Troxell


    Unfortunately, we do not have deployment options at this time. We are aware it's a pain point. Therefore, it is on our backlog and I'd love to get your input on what, why and how you'd expect this to be supported...

    Curious, why you're deploying to multiple users, and how it'd be used?

    Is this enterprise wide, or just a subgroup?  (ballpark # of users?) 

    Are you seeking to deploy strictly for Windows or Mac as well?

    You mention SCCM... are there other deployment tools/options you utilize?

    If you are uncomfortable discussing this in public, I can turn this into a support ticket...?  

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.




  • charlotte.braithwaite

    Thanks for replying. This is a standard scenario for enterprise level companies, we don’t allow\don’t want users to install stuff, so users do not have admin rights and we ask them to request software be “packaged” and made available via SCCM. Deploying by SCCM has the advantage of us installing the same version in an automated way for all users and it helps us with security and managing licensing. It also assists the support teams by automating stuff they would typically be asked to help with.  It doesn’t apply to this app but for example some apps are deployed to the whole company (15k users) so it must be automated and controlled.

    We use SCCM and Intune on Windows (my area) and Jamf for Mac. For windows if you have something that works with SCCM and can be silent it would be enough for the majority, we ran into similar issues on both Windows and Mac.

    The plan was to use Capture for a team of about 20 that produce internal knowledge base type articles on both Windows and Mac, the team wanted to use one tool for consistency and quality. That might have led to a purchase of the paid for version once people appreciated the benefits and possibly adoption of capture as the primary tool in other teams. We are a relatively big company with a small subgroup that does this sort of thing that could justify a dedicated tool for it. The team  will need to ask the support teams to install Capture.

    Getting to the specifics of what I look for in an installer; I want something that can be installed with 0 user interaction. So, for example if the installer had a /S option to turn off all dialogs and maybe a EULA=1 for the license that would be ideal. Our users aren’t in the position where they can or should be agreeing to licenses and I can handle closing other apps and notifying the user etc.

    SCCM installs using the system account rather than a standard user. I would like to see an option to install under "c:\program files", thats good because it would mean if multiple users log onto a device the app does not end up in multiple profiles.

    Requiring users to login for an app is not something that enterprises like but we can work with it, it becomes a bit of a headache when you think about it at a large scale because it can mean a lot of accounts to manage when one considers multiple apps and users. 


  • scott.boyd

    I too am having this issue.. The old version of Jing I was able to create an SCCM package.

  • Doug Troxell


    Thanks for the feedback. Based upon this conversation (and a few others) I've drafted "acceptance criteria" for this work:

    - if necessary, create an MSI we can provide to admins for use/customization
    - support silent install (no EULA)
    - support ability to disable auto update
    - support ability to customize the install location (Win IT admins prefer: c:\program files)
    - create documentation for admins (document the vars etc)

    - admins can create their own DMG to disable EULA (can we assume that?)
    - provide way to disable sparkle (auto update)
    - document how to (create DMG, disable EULA, disable sparkle)

    - For Mac, I'm assuming that given a DMG, Jamf can automate installation into /Applications (safe assumption?)
    - Comments/feedback?

  • charlotte.braithwaite

    Fab, thank you Doug. 

    From my perspective for windows the criteria look good. MSI is preferred by some companies but from my perspective not strictly necessary if an unattended install is supported and documented, so I would say MSI is nice to have while the other criteria are essential.

    Unfortunately I don’t know enough about Mac’s to comment about the rest but hopefully my colleague will.


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