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Saving captures automatically as Jpeg




  • Rick Stone

    Hi there

    I was trying to configure this and I believe I uncovered a bug. It SHOULD be as simple as creating a preset with a save destination and ensuring the option for opening the editor has been selected. But for me, the file never saves.

    I've reported it to TechSmith as a potential bug.

    Sorry you are having the issue! Rick :)

  • GroverH

    My results were slightly different by requiring manual intervention. No issues with creating the custom preset to any desired location and file type. My only  issue was getting it saved which was only successful after manual intervention.

    Using Snagit 2021.2.0.7921 [enu] Windows 10.0 Build 19042

    1. With Preset configured as Preview disabled;
    a. Capture performed to custom location.
    b. Editor opened manually by clicking the Blue/green/White editor desktop icon.
    c. Editor opened displaying the recent capture showing the new file as being saved and ready for editing. See image.

    2. With Preset configured as Preview ENABLED as the only preset change:
    a. Capture performed (hot key) and editor auto opened.
    b. Image appeared in editor (unsaved) awaiting manual action. The manual action indicated by an info flag appearing in upper right corner awaiting
    "Finish" with a checkmark. Note: the lower left image of the open file gave no indication of file having been saved, likewise, no file name appeared across the top of the editor. See image.
    c. Info flag checked with mouse click and the file info message disappeared and replaced by the Share indicator. Lower left corner acquired a file type indicating file save. Likewise, top of editor now displayed the name of the saved file and its file type. See image.


    It would appear some "fine tuning" is needed to get the capture program  to work seamlessly. The program will do what Andrew wants but not as easily as one might expect of Snagit.  Good luck. GroverH


    Actions with Preview disabled in preset:


    Actions with preview enabled in preset:

    Capture action manually completed by clicking "Finish" and file save occurs in custom location as specified by Preset settings.

  • Castoxk22

    Old Snag it you could capture as .jpg file.

    I wish you could still do that.


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