SnagIt editor hangs for a long time on Windows 10 (release 20H2)



  • Krob

    Same issue here... it's so laggy and there is no reason for it. It has to be software related.. memory leak or something because my system should have 0 issues with this.


    AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
    32GB RAM
    Nvidia 2070 Super

  • Vocalpoint

    Just came back to the forums for the first time in a long long time and yes - this has been happening for me for quite a while - easily through 2-4 versions of SnagIt 2020 and now with each and every version of 2021.

    In my case - today - I wanted to thin down the capture library as I am getting ready to build a new PC next weekend. As a standard backup - I usually do a complete library backup to my Data (D:\) drive so I can reimport it after a new install.

    This time the backup was torture. I estimate it took probably 8 minutes to back up a library with less than 2000 images. The resulting archive file was about 305MB. So not small but not overly huge either.

    Then today - I decided I would see if I could reduce the library by cleaning out some of the older payload using the Batch Conversion feature to export out batches by month - I starting with Jan 2020 images (50 images) and Snagit seemed to grind completely to a halt while doing this.

    Spinning circles on screen - almost like it was wheezing due to being out of shape as it struggled to export these 50 images. After what appeared to be "export complete" the program disappears (Minimizes) and I am taken to my export location. The files are all there - but this whole "take me to my folder routine" is pointless. I was expecting the editor to stay open, stay on screen and stay with me - so I can move on the next thing. 

    Now that I exported Jan 2020 images and have them safely on the hard disk - I would like to delete the original captures from the library - so I highlight the 50 files, right click and choose Remove From Library. I choose that option and then sit there for at least another minute or two while SnagiT wheezes it's way thru this routine. Same deal - spinning circles, program appears to lock up/freeze/dim a bot as if it's never been asked to do a library cleanup before. It finally seems to sober up and land back in the editor screen - ready for me to start another painful round of exports.

    What is going on with this thing? Has this part of the program simply not been optimized for the real world? Was it tested with just 2 captures vs 2000? I cannot tell if this is the program bumping up against a task it cannot handle (too many images to keep track of) or if it's simply poorly designed.

    For what it's worth - my capture library sits in a different location (Of my choosing) for normal operation as I do not want this thing on my C Drive. I am using SnagIt 2021 (2021.2.0) on WIndows 10 v1909. The machine is a modern, fact machine with more CPU and RAM than Snagit could ever need. 

    I do not understand how this program simply cannot handle a simple capture library in this situation.

    Appreciate any other tips from the field on this before I take it to support for an uncomfortable chat later today.








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