Do any of your products do this?? Date and Time Stamp on top of video



  • Doug Troxell

    I believe you'd want the date & timestamp composited into every frame of the video at the time of recording...?  No, none of our products are currently designed to do that. Its an interesting use case.

    If it were me, I'd go with a hardware solution such as the ATEM Mini Pro ( which can do broadcast style video composition in realtime. You'd connect a camera and a computer generating the date/time overlay to the ATEM and use chroma keying to have the ATEM composite the two together in real time.  A bit costly, but assuming this is for work - it would be a great solution.  

  • Dubie

    Well I can't speak on the Mac side but in Camtasia Recorder for Windows it can be done.

    This is a screenshot of a recording with the Camtasia 2019 recorder.

    The timestamp is "burned" in to the video so you can produce just a mp4 without the smartplayer.

    Don't know if Camtasia 2020 still has the option. I won't pay for Camtasia any more.


    I don't use Camtasia editor any more for reason I won't go in to here. I do use the recorder .trec files though in Shotcut editor which is 10X what Camtasia editor is.



  • Taffypro

    Doug Troxell ,


    Is the above true??

  • Doug Troxell

    I stand corrected. I does appear to be a feature of the windows version of Camtasia. So there you go!


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