Can't synch up audio and video *exactly*



  • Paul Middlin

    It looks like you are zoomed all the way in, right down to the frame. In Camtasia, you can only edit down to the frame level (either 1/30th of a second or 1/60th if you're doing a 60fps project). If not zoomed in all the way yet, try that, by dragging this slider:

    To get more precise, you could export the audio and edit it in something else like Audiate or Audacity.

    Generally, when you have them as close together as you do, it is hard to perceive the lack of sync. Less than 1/30th of a second is very close. Then mute the track that you don't want to hear.

  • davemill

    In my experience, audio has to be >5 frames out of sync at 30FPS for anyone to notice. Since Camtasia lets you get within half a frame, it's not an issue.


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