SnagIT 2019 Crashes Upon Windows 10 Startup. SnagIT21 Trial no Better.



  • Anchor

    If you need to reload the program, you can create a backup first that you can restore once you've reinstalled by following these steps:

    To save a copy of the library, follow these steps:

    1. Click on Edit --> Editor Preferences in the File menu.
    2. Click on the Library tab
    3. Click the Create Backup button.

    * To import a saved library after re-installing, click the Restore Backup button and point it to the backup file you previously saved.

    Your Snagit captures should be stored here: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\TechSmith\SnagIt\DataStore

  • Anchor

    Once you've got the library backed up, you may even want to run something like IOBit Uninstaller to search for any registry entries, etc that might get left over during a reinstall. That way you know you're truly starting with a fresh installation.

  • MobilePCDoctorLtd

    Thanks Anchor. I've just done what you suggested and uninstalled the trial of 2021 and my own copy of 2019 of SnagIt. However upon restart its still hanging/crashing. Roll my mouse over the SnagIt "one click" box and I just get the windows 10 continuous blue timer circle and my system goes very slow. I have to end task to close it and even then my system doesn't respond very well and I seem to have to log out and back in again. If I end task and re-open it, its all fine. Its just the start with Windows that's a problem.


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