Can I edit from an external hard drive and render it back to that same drive?


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  • Graphicious


    I edit like this several projects every day, using an external USB hard drive, for the same reasons.

    I've never had problems.

    Of course, if during editing your hard drive gets disconnected for some reason, that could give you unpredictable results.

    But apart from that, and to mention your other problem: if you get a render/production that is unplayable, that is most likely due to insufficient hard drive space in the temporary location. Camtasia uses the temporary folder configured in the settings to store temporary render files or assets that go into a project's final video.

    Every time I've had a corrupted video it was due to insufficient space on the partition where that folder is.

    Typically it's in somewhere like C:\\ .... \AppData\Local\Temp

    You can change it in Settings > Advanced.

    I hope this helps.



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