Ability to change the default editor?



  • GroverH

    If you save your capture as a picture file, you can then edit the file in any program you wish that can edit a pic file.

    When saving the capture, if you also save to clipboard, when you open another editor, you should be able to paste from clipboard into your editor.

    Not sure this is what your were asking.

  • clone45

    I was hoping that there would be a way to:

    1. Take a screen capture
    2. Have the screen capture immediately open in a program of my choosing

    Right now, I have to take the screen capture, copy it to the clip board, open my art program, and paste the screen capture into the art program.  For someone who's taking a lot of screen captures, this process could be a lot more efficient. :-)

  • Dubie

    You can't change the default editor but you can potentially send your capture to Paint.net and bypass the Snagit editor.

    I say potentially because it depends if Snagit and Paint.net will will work together.

    First let's set up a Share to Paint.net and see if it works then if it does we will create a capture preset
    to use and by pass the Snagit editor from opening when making a capture and instead open Paint.net.

    Navigate to the Snagit Editor Preferences Edit>>Editor Preferences

    Select the "Share" tab then click on "Program" and then "Manage"

    In the next window set up a share to the Paint.net program.

    1. click the + sign

    2. type the name of the program ( i used MS paint in the example below.

    3. select the output type

    4. Click the folder icon in the "Executable" field and navigate to your Paint.net installation .exe file

    and select it.

     **Leave the "Parameters" field as is.

    5. click OK

    Now test it in the Snagit editor to see if it sends a image to Paint.net program.

    With image in the Editor click on the Blue Share button and click "Program"

    In the popup window chose your program and click OK

    If it works you can then setup a capture preset to send your captures to the Paint.net program and not open the Snagit editor.

    Note: Your captures will still be added to Snagit library.



    Preset Settings:


    Name your preset and add a hotkey if you wish.



  • GroverH

    Dubie:  Nice presentation. It took a lot of time and effort. I have seen many of your other helpful presentations.

    With your illustrations, I was able to install Paint.net and have SnagIt do what Clone45  wanted.


    I was able to use Dubie's illustrations & have SnagIt capture the image and save the image using a custom Preset using special hotkey.

    Paint.net auto opened and the capture auto appeared on the Paint.net screen for editing.

    Are you all set??

    Note: Paint.net uses up most of the hotkeys so check the Paint.net menu for illustrations of what might be available.  I used Ctrl-Shift_J for my testing.







  • clone45

    Sorry, I haven't had time to test it yet, but at first glance this looks like a good solution!  And I highly appreciate the detailed response.  :)


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