Is there another screen capture program that works with Big Sur



  • Luke Griffioen


    Sorry you're running into trouble! Both Snagit and Camtasia fully support Big Sur as long as you're on the latest Camtasia 2020 or Snagit 2021. Big Sur did change the security around audio recording a bit, so make sure to follow the steps on this help article If that doesn't get it working, let us know and we can open a support ticket for you to get this resolved.

  • Doug S

    I also just upgraded to Big Sur, my issue is when I click the capture button I lose focus on what I want to drag to capture.    I do have 2 screens but this has always worked in the past.   I am pretty sure this is user error but can you help me out?


  • Robert R.

    Hi Doug S

    Sorry to hear this is happening to you, though I wonder if you're running into the issues outlined in this support article where only the Desktop is able to be captured; could you please try those steps out and see if they help?



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