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Email Preferences



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  • Dubie

    In the editor if you click the Blue Share Button (top right) and click Email, Snagit should open the compose window of your EM client as long as you have your EM client set as the email default in your operating system.

    The only share to email settings in Snagit are for if you use Outlook/Outlook Express.

    You get to that in the editor by navigating to Edit>>Editor Preferences.

    Click the share tab and then email.


    I use Thunderbird as the default email client to manage multiple email addresses on a Windows 10 pro pc.

    If I click the Blue share button and then Email it opens the compose message window in Thunderbird.

    ** A couple of things to note. At least as using Thunderbird is concerned.
    it may be different in another email client.

    The compose email window that Thunderbird opens to will be for the default email account you set in Thunderbird.

    What you share from Snagit will added to the email as a attachment and not inline.

    Hope that helps/works


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