Is there a way to arrange a set of images in an X by Y grid that fully displays each image?



  • Luke Griffioen


    There's no automatic way to do this in Snagit, but if you want all the images to be the same size/shape, you could do it easily. Are you looking to have a uniform grid, or would each image appear at different sizes?

  • techsmith

    I want the images to retain their aspect ratio, so shapes would not be uniform and would require an intelligent layout algorithm.

    These days i create a new blank canvas in SnagIt and then add all the relevant screen snapshots and do the layout by hand.

    It is time consuming and awkward.
    i have tried different dedicated collage apps but they all have similar
    problems as snagIt templates but with a lot of snagit templates winning in that at least the quantity of images is open



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