How can I record the picture straight? Have a look a the screenshot, please.



  • Dubie

    It could be many different things giving you that result.

    I can only make some guesses using the image you posted.

    I copied your image and overlayed a rule of thirds grid (the red lines) and some alignment lines (the blue lines)


    1. Is the picture the same dimension on the top and bottom and on each side?
    looks as if the picture is wider on the top than the bottom.

    2. Is the picture leaning out from the wall on the top?
    That could give the illusion of #1. 

    3. Is the wall with the picture angling away from you and the camera?

    4. Is it a combination of any of the above?


    If it was me I would set my camera on a tripod

    Make sure the camera grid lines are on. You should always use the grid lines when shooting

    not only to align objects (horizontally & vertically) but to create better compositions. ( Rule of Thirds)

    I would then align one edge of the picture to one of the vertical grid lines and take a shot.

    If the picture is off (as you have shown ) than I would check the the things I mention above.

    It could also possible be the lighting in the shot.

    Another thing is try a different camera. Do you get the same results?

    Yes - Than the scene has a issue.

    No - Than maybe there is a problem with the camera. The lens maybe?





  • roxanelag

    Hi Dubie. How are you?
    Thanks for your detailed response. I appreciate it very much.
    You've given me many ideas to try and find what's going on here.
    The picture is rectangular but it's true that the upper side is separated 2 or 3 centimeters from de wall and the lower side is touching the wall.

    I'll work on what you suggested next weekend. The shooting place is not in the city where I live.

    I'm going to explore and study open camara. And maybe download some other app.

    I'll upload my next problem too lol

    Many many thanks Dubie


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