Can someone please confirm Camtasia 2020 is using all cores when using a RYZEN Threadripper?



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    Robert R.

    Hi pestone;

    There are many factors that will come into play regarding resource utilization (as a note, you do not want your CPU to be sitting at 100% usage, as that indicates a very hard crash). The type of content that you've loaded into the project, the type of editing that you've done, all the way down to where it is that you're storing and producing your content to. Maxing out your system resources won't effectively make things fast all the while you'll not be able to utilize your computer for anything else.

    Ideally, with Camtasia, idea is to allow end-users to continue using their machines while Camtasia is producing- the last thing we want is for a Camtasia user to be forced to sit and watch the production percentages tick upwards because they can't use their computer to do other daily tasks. That's not to say that performance isn't a key concern as it is, and we are constantly striving to make Camtasia perform better, but we're also wanting to ensure an end user is able to utilize the computer while production happens.


  • pestone


    Thanks for chiming in and it's odd about the 100% issue as we have 8 ASUS ROGs which render just fine using all 8 cores and at 100% - no hard crash so I'm not sure what's up with that. It's also odd that others only get around 50% usage out of their cores - is my processor just old enough to be in that category of 100% usage?

    Our concern is we are building new threadripper machines to use instead of the ASUS i7 machines so I would expect a drastic increase in render times but am really worried this is not the case. We have quite a few licenses here and enjoy using Camtasia but the time it takes to render out projects has become a liability unless we can increase that dramatically over my current setup which is over two years old now.

    Here's what a very very simple render to 1080/30 (and quite frankly, any render) looks like - also note - it's at 100%, I just turned on Kernel Times which is the smaller graph inside.


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