What do I need to do to see Knowmia and Screencast available as share in Snaggit



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    Robert R.

    Hi Peter;

    I'm sorry to hear that this has happened to you; it's an issue we're currently investigating. In the meantime, you should be able to reinstall the desired outputs by downloading them from this page and double-clicking on them (they should open and install automatically). Reinstalling Snagit should also address the issue, though if there are only a few outputs that you need, it may be quicker/easier to grab them off of our Share Destinations page linked above.


  • Bbcorhitter

    Hi Peter,

    Hope so you're doing well, to use Knowmia, Screencast, or Camtasia as share destinations in Snagit, you need to make sure that the Snagit Add-ins are installed and enabled in those applications. To do this, go to the Snagit Output tab, select the Share Destinations button, and then click on More... to open the Share Destination Manager. From there, you can install and enable the Snagit Add-ins for the desired applications. If you've already installed the Add-ins but they are still not appearing in Snagit, try restarting both Snagit and the application in question.

    Hope so this will help you!


    Bryce June


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