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Removing a Snagit printer




  • GroverH

  • computerperson

    Thank you, that removes the Snagit printer, including all the additionally created printers.  They all show up in the Snagit 2021 printer properties.

    The Snagit 2021 printer contains all the other added Snagit printer queues in the properties, hardware tab, but there is still no way to remove any of the the added printers without deleting the entire Snagit 2021 Printer, from what I can see.


    The question is NOT ANSWERED.  So how do I remove the "ANSWERED" tag on the post?

  • GroverH

    Did a reboot help?

    You may find that you have to delete the existing 2021 printer. &

    reboot and then do a repair/reinstall.

    You may want to open a support ticket if you still have issues.


  • computerperson

    I have not been able to delete the extra Snagit printers individually.


    BUT I found that if I delete the Snagit Printer 2021 from the Devices & Printers from the control panel, then attempt a capture, Snagit will ask to recreate the Snagit 2021 printer.


    That's fine, but I also lost all of the Snagit printers I wanted to keep.


    Maybe this is something Snagit might want to address in the next update or release.


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