Recent captures don't appear in recent tray



  • josh

    Reverted to version 2020.1.1 build 5510 and the issue no longer exists. I was even able to import my 2021 registry settings (renamed key in original post to 20) and it still works indicating it's not a settings issue.

    I guess I'll avoid version 2021. Maybe it's a feature! /s


    BTW - you can get the old versions here:

  • GroverH

    Hi Josh,
    The situation you illustrated seems to be one which is the result of a combination of the Editor settings displayed via the Editor Top Row VIEW menu settings.

    The next time your Editor is not displaying the View that you want, click on the View MENU settings. You may have to ALSO UNCHECK one or more of these 4 settings to achieve the combination you want. You may find that after you uncheck one settings, another setting will then become available for additional checking. The bottom 4 settings seem to control which view is displayed. I found that the view setting RECENT CAPTURES must be checked in order for the RECENT CAPTURES minimized captures to appear across the bottom of the screen.

    All of my testing is with the most current version of 2021 Snagit and the most current version of Windows 10 for my desktop. === Snagit 2021.2.1.8746 [enu] : Windows 10.0 Build 19042.

    Try updating again and adjust your Editor View menu settings and I believe you can get the settings you want as per my pic example.

    I found you may also have to toggle the HIDE/SHOW RECENT at bottom of screen to get the view that you want.



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