Evernote does not appear as output destination in latest update



  • Dubie

    It's still a share output.

    The last update as usual was crap.

    Myself and others had to re-register the software.

    Anyway... to your question.

    There are a couple of ways to go at getting the Evernote (and other) share destination output.

    Shut down Snagit

    From your OS control panel navigate  to "Programs and Features" then find Snagit 2021 in the list.
    Right click on it and select "Change"


    In the popup click "Modify"

    Go through the rest of the steps to add the share destinations you want added to Snagit.


    If on Win 10

    Go to your Win 10 settings and then "Apps and Features"

    Find Snagit in the list and click on it and then click Modify

    Go through the steps the same as above.

    Lastly and IMO the quicker and easier way is to download the output from here and install it from where you save it on your machine.

    Make sure to download the right one for your version of Snagit.


    Hope that gets ya fixed up


  • SLB_Learning_Centre

    Thanks for highlighting this fix!


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