SnagIt11 crashes whenever I try to video capture


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    Robert R.

    Hi there!

    Sorry to hear that this is happening to you- it could be related to a few things; mainly one of the considerations is the version of Windows that you're on when comparing to the legacy version of Snagit as Snagit 11 isn't supported/compatible with Windows 10 (see here for a list of compatible operating systems with the various versions of Windows). However, there may be a few other things causing the behavior; here are a few things to try/consider:

    • Antivirus/Antimalware application(s) - if you're running any AV/AM applications, please be sure to add Snagit 11 to the Exceptions list (process for this may vary, so please refer to the AV/AM developer's FAQ for steps on how to exclude files/folders)
    • Dated video card drivers - you can find a walkthrough on updating your GPU drivers here.
    • Conflicting hardware/hardware settings/devices - given the age of Snagit 11, it's possible that you have a hardware configuration that Snagit 11 isn't capable of supporting. Some examples include (but aren't limited to), wireless audio devices, virtual camera software, more than two monitors, or monitor(s) that have resolutions greater than 1920x1080

    One method you might try is to download and install the Snagit 2021 trial as it is a fully functional trial- once installed, reboot the computer then try taking a recording with the Trial. If it works, please go to File - Exit Snagit in both the Editor and the Snagit capture application window (please be sure to exit it in this fashion, as simply pressing the X in the upper corner will not exit Snagit, but rather hide it in the background). Once exited, please launch Snagit 11 and see if you're able to take a test recording with it.

    If the Snagit 2021 trial does not work, please update this thread so I can dig a bit deeper into the issue.



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