Snagit 2021 Highlighter tool disappears the highlight when flattening, flattening all, or saving



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    Robert R.

    Hi Vera Plechash

    I'm not able to replicate this particular issue- could you please use Snagit to record the process? The best way to do that is to open the Snagit capture app, go to File -> Capture Preferences -> Capture and then deselect "Hide Snagit while Capturing." This will allow you to record the Snagit Editor (please record the full app window) then upload it to Screencast (or a similar media-hosting site) and post the link here? Seeing the issue in action may give us some clues on how best to address this.



  • GroverH

    Consider removing one of the least used top row items (right click on tool and choose remove).

    and then click the "MORE" and add the Highlighter to the top row menu.

    That should solve the issues you mentioned.



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