how to scroll/navigate recent captures at bottom of screen?



  • Carson Greene

    Hi John,

    You should be able to navigate your recent captures using Cmd + ] or Cmd + [ to go forward and backwards, respectively.

    As for the limit on captures in the tray, we're investigating ways to allow more captures in the tray without taking a hit to performance. Stay tuned!

  • john

    Cmd + ] etc. works great, thank you :-)   Good luck w/the performance engineering. For other Snagit newbies on MacOS, not long after I posted above I found that Cmd+1 toggles between editor & library, which works surprisingly well.

    For Snagit: re. scrolling in recent-captures.
    As a stopgap you might add a reminder note on either side of the recent-captures list that says "End of recent captures, Cmd+1 toggles between editor and _all_ captures in library." Provided the # of overall captures in library exceeds size of recent-captures list, otherwise it would be weird to see the reminder text on an empty library (first-use).

  • Carson Greene

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it on!


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