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The asset filter is not working




  • Robert R.

    Hi cyril.hauppert

    To confirm, have you pressed the "Apply" button for the filter? I'm not seeing it in your screenshot, but it should be at the bottom of the left-hand pane- see: 

    Additionally, what browser are you currently using? If you open an InPrivate or Incognito browser, then set the filter to show only "Free" and press the "Apply" button, does the filtering work?


  • cyril.hauppert

    Thank you Robert,

    It does work

    The Apply button was not visible. The message at the bottom of the screen relating to cookies was covering the button.

    Best regards,


  • Robert R.

    Hi Cyril!

    Glad to hear you were able to hit that Apply button; I'll be sure to pass along the feedback about the Cookies message.




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