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  • Ross

    Hi, I agree. I can't even figure out how to change the folder my recording are stored to - I keep running out of space. 

  • inco

    I am not able to deactivate the countdown and even worse I can not delete the recording and repeat it. Every started recording is saved....

    Ticket opened


  • kayakman

    Camtasia 2021 ships with 2 Recorders, a new 2021 version, and a legacy Recorder, which is just like the one in Camtasia 2020

    use the legacy version; you'll find it in the Camtasia 2021 install directory

    launch it, and pin to task bar for easy future use

  • kayakman

    C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Camtasia 2021\LegacyCamRecorder.exe


  • TechSmith Community Member

    I totally agree. The Camtasia 2021 recorder is a dumbed-down version and the main bread, and butter features that longtime users like me use are absent (been using Camtasia since 2008):

    I can go and select the Legacy recorder but that's not a solution. Why take away the ability to edit a whole load of things from the recording toolbar? Something like the ability to lock the aspect ratio so that the screen you are recording is in the same aspect ratio as the final video. Where do I store files? Choosing the format for files? Please bring those back!

  • Staggart

    Just upgraded to 2021 and I'm definitely surprised to see the recorder no longer exposes basic options

    - Framerate
    - Aspect ratio
    - Output folder
    - Recording countdown
    - Configurable keyboard hotkeys
    - Annotations

    From an upgrade standpoint, this makes little sense since it practically retained less than half its functionality. "legacy recorder" implies it's going to be retired in the future, why?

  • kayakman

    the Legacy Recorder is there so you can have everything now as in earlier versions; it's identical to 2020's Recorder

    the new version of Recorder is a work-in-progress; it will have functionality added over the coming maintenance release cycles; so stay tuned ...

  • Bret Sutton

    This work-in-progress should never have been released.  For me, the lack of a choice of filename and directory for my .trec files is a big non-starter.  Storage of .trec files for dozens of projects in one directory makes for a maintenance nightmare.  Yeah, I can rename and move each one after it is created, and delete it from the media bin and re-add it.  But what a nuisance.  There should at least have been an option somewhere to control this behavior.

  • Ross

    I do agree - why release something that isn't finished! Seems a bizarre idea - it only seems to be irritating people. 

  • scott_darling

    Wow... the workaround works but awful experience... I've lost an hour messing around with this this morning. 

  • davinciwatergardens

    Thanks kayakman.
    Easy fix.


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