clicking kind of noise with my voice in recording



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    Robert R.

    Hi hijaemin

    Thanks for the video! I know I can hear a soft "click" at various intervals, though to detect it I did need to turn the volume up and use a very nice set of headphones, though with my laptop's speakers I wasn't able to hear it, but on the MacBook Pro and my personal desktop, which has some very nice Logitech THX-certified speakers, I was also able to detect the "click" that you're hearing.

    I think that there are a couple of issues here, chief among them being the bit-depth. Rather than the 24-bit audio, I'd like you to set your microphone to 16-bit, 44.1 kHz to see if that eliminates the issue. There's also the issue of your hardware- audio interfaces/preamps/mixers like the Rode AI-1 audio interface are not supported nor fully compatible with Camtasia.

    The first test I'd like you to do is set the bit-depth to 16-bit, 44.1 kHz to see if that addresses the issue- failing that, please disconnect the audio interface then restart the computer and try plugging a standard USB microphone into the computer and taking a test recording to see if the issue persists.


  • kayakman

    I watched/listened to your demo; I could not hear any strange noises?


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