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"Capture Image of Selected Area" not Auto-Saving when click Finish




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    Robert R.

    Hi there!

    If I'm understanding properly, you're looking to create a Preset where  you can capture a region selection in Snagit, open it in the Editor so you can edit, then press Finish and it will save to a specific folder without prompting for a File Name?

    If so, you'll want to set your image capture preset up to look like this:

    1. Click on "Image"
    2. Set Share to "File"
    3. Click on the Properties cog for "File"
    4. Select the "Automatic File Name" bullet
    5. Click on "Automatic naming settings..." to set a preferred name
    6. Click on "Browse" to set the output folder

    This should then automatically save the file without prompting you to name it when you click on the "Finish" button in the Editor.

    Hope that helps!


  • Errol

    The above instruction from Robert will not work. 

    Now, I have discovered that beforehand your preset is not saved by fact, it will not be working, say, with an enumeration feature. So, initially a new profile has to be created as a preset under a new name and saved with another green button

    Then, before any capture, you'll have to choose the preset you wish in Manage your presets menu, otherwise the green button FINISH will not appear to accomplish your enumerated captures within the folder you created formerly. 

    I wonder, why not let Snagit stick to that mode until another mode would be prompted by this user? - Say, I'm capturing a book page by page, why should I choose the same preset name before each of a hundred captures as many times as many pages this book will have?


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