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Disabling the "group" tabs on the timeline (Camtasia 2021+)



  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    are you finding that switching among open group tabs is not helpful?

    Feedback - Regarding Moving Among Open Group Tabs 2021-06-25


  • andre.leblanc


    So yeah, it's a bit cumbersome.  Even with the groups expanded, it seems like there's overlap of all the objects on Tracks 1 & 2.  So I can't easily(?) discern the real layers because they all collapse on to each other.
    If you look at sample library included...Intros folder --> linewipe.
    When you expand linewipe, you see there's object on Track 1-4.  Track 1 is another group Shapes.
    Expand the Shapes group and you'll see there's Tracks 1-7 occupied.
    You have Track 4 in both groups that has content that appear to overlap starting at the 9 second mark.

    So for me, that's completely non-intuitive to try and make changes when I have to keep flipping back and forth between tabs to try and figure out what is doing what.  If it was like a previous version, I could simply see the entire stack, even if it requires 16 tracks to properly the show the object stack.


    So is the "logic" here is...
    The object "Callout" in "linewipe -> Track 4 -> 9 seconds on top of...
    The object "Shape" in SubGroup "Shapes" -> Track 4 -> 9 seconds

    That is really convoluted as opposed to simply having one tall stack.  I feel that it shouldn't even be this hard to explain.  Which means it really is that difficult or I'm missing that "Ah Ha!" piece of understanding.

  • ed

    I'm with Andre on this one. I understand the idea behind group tabs, there ought to be a way to disable it on a per-group or per-project basis. 

    There are work flows people were used to that are interrupted by this "new feature" -- the least Camtasia can do is give users the option.

  • ed

    I wanted to provide more context on my last post.

    Sometimes I want to group things together only to link them to another. Sometimes I want to group things together because I've created a complex composition.

    Editing the groups in a separate tab is only helpful for that second reason. It is more of a nuisance for that first reason.

    For the first reason, it might be worthwhile to add a function to link one clip on one track to another. Such that moving one moves the other. This solves the use case of "simpler" groups, while still allowing for the feature of the tabbed editing of groups.


  • Laurie Polak

    I completely agree that the Group "tab" functionality needs to be enabled/disabled by the user.  I fully support users who like it being able to keep it enabled.  But I'm NOT a fan.  "Cumbersome to work with" is an understatement.  I spent over 6 hours going back and forth between the multiple group tabs in multiple "SlideBar Text Reveal" assets and couldn't get each of the individual sub-tracks to line up because they weren't visibly grouped together on the timeline.   
    Please make this feature togglable on/off!!!

  • westernbiological

    Yes, I would like to be able to turn this off as well.

  • ed

    I am yet again working a project that leaves me frustrated at the new group implementation of 2021. 

    Can we please get feedback passed on to the devs that there *needs* to be a way to disable the new group functionality on a per user/project basis?  

    Changing functionality without giving options to revert is a needless interruption to workflows.

  • andre.leblanc

    It still frustrates me as well.  My case & point still being:  Trying to customize any of the supplied Intros like linewipe or Stationary or anything else where there's many nested groups within nested groups, especially with small objects that have animations applied.
    My latest example was trying to extend the duration of the Stationary intro.  "HA!!!" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️  I just gave up on that.


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