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Camtasia 2021.0.5 Now Available



  • arne

    I am utterly disappointed with Camtasia 21.x and concerning to cancel my maintenance contract.

    - Six releases in two month and still that buggy? Paying users should not be beta testers.

    - It eats up all system resources of my notebook ( 4 cores, GPU, 16 GB Ram and 2 1TB SSDs, about 3 years old on current Win 10).

    - Recordings of webinars (I facilitate) of more than an hour sometimes crash and are lost.

    - Saving one recording and loading a prepared project for the next session can take up to 15 minutes!

    Currently, I find Camtasia 21 not usable for production and I use Camtasia 20 for my work. It is a pity that the features of Camtasia have not evolved that much with the last major releases while the system requirements just get more and more demanding.

    Where is the point in new features when the basic functions of the product are lost with new releases?


  • Dave O'Rourke

    @arne  I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble.  The issues you describe are not expected.  Please open a ticket with our support staff using the Support button in the lower-right corner of this site.  Someone from our support team will follow up with you to help understand the problem better.

  • arne

    @Dave Thank you for your offer. Unfortunately, I've already spent far too much time (=money) on beta testing a software I paid for. For now, I will use Camtasia 2020. Maybe a future version of Camtasia 2021 fixes the issues. Otherwise, I will need to consider the use of alternative software in the future.

  • Kendraart

    I have 2021.0.6 and sometimes when I use control Z to UNDO, it moves to a different part of the timeline and multiple actions have been undone. I am able to use Control Y to get back to where I was but I am unable to UNDO the action that I want to undo. So if I accidentally deleted something and the undo function glitches then that deletion is permanent. It is very frustrating. Is this a known issue? I really hope a fix is coming out soon. Please help. Thanks. PS Another thing that happens is that when I trim a clip from the front, the audio waves move and no longer line up with the audio. 

  • scott

    21.0.12 destroyed my ability to produce my show. I'm very disappointed.  The program crashes constantly and the track containing my facecam and audio gets stretched in such a way that the audio is out of sync. I find this software to always causes problems with updates.  

  • Bmessinger92

    I'm sorry to pay attention that you are having trouble. The problems you describe aren't expected. Please open a price price tag with our help group of workers the use of the Support button withinside the lower-proper nook of this site.

  • Aus Payday

    Thank you for the update on Camtasia (Windows) 2021.0.5! Here's a summary of the changes and new features:

    • Added 3D LUT Visual Effect.
    • Source file names are now truncated in standalone projects if they would have been too long to save.
    • Added options to Recorder: Show countdown before recording, Omit recorder from recordings, Restore cursor location after pause, and Exit recorder after recording is stopped.
    • Improved text navigation while typing in Annotations.
    • Added indicator to About dialog when Camtasia is using Scalable Offline Activation.
    • Fixed a user-reported startup crash, a crash that could occur when importing a media or deleting tools from the Tool panel, and various bugs that could cause multiple undo points, horizontal scrollbar in Properties panel, recordings to be lost, auto-normalization settings to be ignored when using Ripple Delete, and Recorder to enter a bad state if closed while recording.

    Existing users can use the Help > Check for Updates menu, while new users who download from the website should always get the latest version. The full release notes for all versions can be found on the Camtasia Windows Version History page on the TechSmith support website.

  • Downloadvideocapcut


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