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  • Paul Middlin

    I don't understand your problem - you should be able to hit the "Screencast.com" button in Snagit, and it should automatically upload it to your account and put a URL to that image on your clipboard - ready to paste. It should be just one click.

    What is happening instead for you?

  • Mark Gundy

    I click on Share, then click on Screencast (that's 2 clicks) then it tries to log into Screencast but sometimes fails to, then it asks me for PW which apparently I don't have since the Browser was remembering it, then in trying to access my Browser's Saved Passwords list, Google asks me for another password which apparently is different than the main Google one

    Finally after rebooting and then reloading the  Browser, I got it to automatically log in again

    I don't understand why such a convoluted solution when you could just build it into Snagit and make this a single click process

    I love Snagit but this isn't the first time I've had issues with this one feature ever since the requirement of logging into my Screencast account became a requirement

  • Paul Middlin

    Thanks, Mark! That's a super helpful explanation. Something is definitely going wrong there. It has always been required that you log into your TechSmith (Screencast) account in order to use that sharing mechanism, however it sounds like something has gone really wrong here where it's being forgotten on your machine. In fact, if you're logged into Snagit itself with your TechSmith account, it shouldn't prompt you at all to log in again.

    But, even if you aren't, you should only ever see that login prompt one time. After that, it is supposed to remember you. The same is true for all of the sharing destinations, like Google Drive or Dropbox for example.

    It might be worth opening a support case to get this fixed. It would certainly drive me nuts. I can do that for you if you want?

    I value one-click as well... I suggest you do what I did - add Screencast (or any of your favorite sharing destinations) right to the toolbar: 



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